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    Photorealistic Renderings
    Interiors, Exteriors, Aerial Views
    2D/3D Floor Plans


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Photorealistic Interior Renderings

From $199/Rendering

Residential, Commercial or Industrial.
Clearly visualize your designs and share your vision with the clients.

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Human-eye Exterior Renderings

From $299/Rendering

Single Family, Townhouse, Apartment, Complex, Office or Industrial
Visualize your design pre-construction. Great for presale, government approval and design improvement.

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Customized 3D Floor Plans

From $349/Floor

3D Floor Plan with extruded walls.
Customized finishes.
The clearest way to illustrate the size, design and fuctions of interior spacing.

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Architectural Complex Renderings

From $599/Rendering

Visualize multiple buildings in one rendering.
Communities, shopping centers or office complex.

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Development Planning Aerial

From $599/Rendering

Extend your view from the ground to the sky.
Great helpful when attempting to explain projects covering large areas of territory

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2D Color Floor Plan

From $199/Floor

Ideal for brochures and flyers.
Attractive and colorful furnished floor plans. Improve the quality and functionality of your floor layouts.

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Virtual Tour

Ultimate Visualization.
Fly through or walk in your masterpiece in an imaginary world as real.

Get To Know Us

3D Dream Vision.com is a professional 3D Architectural Rendering and CGI company owned and operated in US & Canada. We build our business on referals and returning clients. Through the years, we have proudly provided thousands of qualified photorealistic 3D renderings to designers, architects, developers, builders, advertising agencies and home owners.
Contact us now to discuss your project, looking forward to working with you in the long term!
Thanks again for your interest!


Trustedby numerous big brands like Hilton, Costco, Starbuck and Home Depot. For every project, a project manager from 3D Dream Vision will follow you from beginning to the end, making sure the entire process is qualified, accurate and on time.


Always in pursuit of better photorealism, we are constantly improving rendering skills and upgrading computer hardware and programs. Bringing your projects to life is our sole goal.


With advanced management system, years of operating experience and cutting edge technologies, we are able to achieve photorealism at quite affordable price and fast speed.


2D/3D Floor Plan
Residence, Burlington, NJ
2D Color Floor Plan
Everett Hills, Portland, OR
2D Color Site Plan

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Visualize Your Projects In Four Simple Steps


Start by uploading elevations, material references, view angles and floor plans to provide us sufficient information to estimate cost and timeline. We can work from pdf, dwg, SketchUp/Revit 3D Model, hand drawn sketches and site images. Reference images will help a lot.


A written Proposal will be emailed within 24 hrs. Work will begin after receiving your signed approval. $0 Deposit will be charged for projects under $500. A 30% deposit is required for projects over $500.


Proof Rendering will be sent for your comments and markups. Free minor revisions on materials and color.


Once you are satisfied with proof renderings. We will start to render the high resolution final rendering and process post works. The final rendering will be delivered upon full payment is received.


Please fill out the Form below for quotation purpose




4.Types of Renderings Needed* (Check all that apply)
Development Planning Aerial
3D Floor Plan
2D Color Floor Plan

5.View Angle*
View Angle is important for us to set up the camera, which can be marked as an arrow on site/floor plan. You can also describe it as "Capture Front & Left Elevations", "Look from kitchen to balcony"

6.Can you supply Autocad CAD (.DWG) drawings?*
We can also work from sketches and pdfs, however, the charge is a little bit higher becasue of the increased labor hours

7.Project Description/Requirements*

Please upload elevations, material references and floor plans or a building footprint to provide us sufficient infomation to estimate cost and timeline. We can work from pdf's, dwg’s, SketchUp & Revit models or hand drawn sketches. Reference images will help a lot.

*Having uploading problems? Please send the request or files directly to info@3ddreamvision.com

Large attachments can be shared to our DROPBOX account info@3ddreamvision.com





Payment can be made online by credit/debit card processed through PayPal (PayPal Account not required)

$0 Deposit is required for projects under $500. A 30% deposit will be required for projects over $500.

Full balance is due before final rendering delivery after your complete satisfaction.

Thanks again for choosing us!


Needed Inputs
We can start with elevations, material references and floor plans. AutoCAD (.DWG) format CADs are prefered, but we can work also from hand-drawing sketches and rasterized drawings including .jpg, .pdf, etc. 3D models created in SketchUp and Revit are even cheaper to start from.

View Angles
View angles are the position and direction of the cameras. They are very important because we only build the spacing that can be captured in the view to save you time and budget. View angles can be marked as an arrow on the site plan or floor plan.

Finshes & Colors
Materials can be detailed on the elevations, material boards or a list of products. Reference images will be greatly helpful for us to match the exact texture & color selected.

For example for an exterior house rendering:
Trim: Benjamin Moore-Overcoat CC-544
Stucco: Benjamin Moore-Silver Chain- 1472
Window Sash & Mullions: Benjamin Moore-Silver Satin- OC-26

An interior mateial board is great helpful for us to understanding the design.

Proof Renderings
You will recieve proof renderings once we have completed the initial model before the final rendering. Free minor revisions can be made and then updated proofs will be sent back for your further approval. The final rendering will be proceeded after your OK with the modified proof.

Our exterior/interior final renderings are usuallysent as a 4000px/3000px .jpg format digital image. If you need a higher resolution for a large print, please let us know before hand.

The best way to send revisions is with markups written directly on an image of the proofs with a red pen and an itemized list to the side. PDFs are great!

$0 Deposit is needed for projects under $500. A 30% deposit will be required for projects over $500. The balance is to be paid upon delivery of the final rendering.
Final payments can be made online on our website by major credit/debit cards (processed thru Paypal, Paypal account not required).